The Process

My handcrafted soaps are truly 100% natural from start to finish. Your body will notice the difference shortly after using it.


My soaps are handcrafted and produced in small individual batches several times a week to ensure the highest quality, consistency, and maximum freshness while using only certified organic ingredients. My soaps are scented purely with essential oils, reproducing nature’s aromas without requiring synthetic fragrance oils, chemicals, preservatives, or artificial dyes. This means less artificial ingredients and less chemicals interacting with our bodies.

My Soaps are:  Parabens Free

                      Sulfates Free

                      Preservatives Free

                      GMO's Free


During the development process of my handcrafted soaps, I carefully created and refined my recipes yielding the perfect balance of natural ingredients. This union of ingredients produces a creamy lather, leaving your skin silky and moisturized.

Organic soaps can be made using either the “Cold Process Method” or the “Hot Process Method”. Both methods can produce excellent soaps.  After conscious experimenting with both, I concluded that the Hot Process Method was the approach that ensured the most beneficial and desired product. Both methods require a combination of sodium hydroxide (lye) with liquids, oils, butters, and scents. All ingredients are combined and blended with a stick blender until the mixture reaches “trace”, a thick, pudding-like consistency. In the Cold Process Method, scents, exotic oils and butters are added when the mixture reaches trace. The blend is then poured into molds to sit for 24 hours. During this time period, the soap undergoes a chemical reaction, and there is a risk that the exotic oils and butters will not survive this reaction. However, during the Hot Process Method the chemical reaction is sped up by cooking the mixture until it neutralizes. At this point, the key benefits of the added scents, oils, and butters remain intact. My personal experience has shown that the Hot Process Method helps to better retain the natural glycerin in the soap, creating a product that maximizes moisture and is gentle on your skin. In addition, the Hot Process Method is what helps give our soaps their rustic look.

Ingredients: Oils, Butters, Essential Oils and Clays

Organic extra virgin olive oil is the main ingredient used in developing my soap recipes. Olive oil is essential in creating a moisturizing and conditioning bar of soap, as it contains the vitamins and minerals that are extremely beneficial for skin cell regeneration.

I also use organic coconut oil in my soap production process. This particular oil helps me create a hard bar of soap, with rich foam and lots of lather. In addition to coconut oil, we add environmentally sustainable palm oil to our products. This oil also contributes to making a durable and long lasting bar of soap.

Castor oil is another oil used in my soap production. Known for its detoxifying benefits, as well as its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, this oil is a crucial ingredient because of its high foaming properties and acts as a humectant in our soaps.

Several types of clays are also incorporated in our soap making process due to their exceptional skin care benefits. Clays have been used for centuries by early civilizations to detox and heal our bodies, making them a great addition to our healing and body-detoxifying soaps.

To complement and expand my soap offerings we use herbal infusions,

as well as goat milk, coconut milk, natural juices, and purees.

Exotic oils are a key ingredient incorporated into my soap-making process. It is very important to specify that I only use essential oils to add scent to my soaps, not only for the strong natural aromas that they emit, but also due to their abundant natural healing and therapeutic properties. The oils I use are extracted only from natural plants. As you read my labels, you will notice that most of the ingredients listed are part of our everyday lives…easy to recognize and most likely found right in

your own kitchen.

My handcrafted soaps are truly 100% organic and natural from start to finish. I am committed to only using organic ingredients because of their known wellness and therapeutic benefits, and because I believe it is the right thing to do. Your body and your skin will notice the difference shortly after using my organic products. Your skin will feel refreshed, soft and moisturized.