About Elena

My Story


Life is a beautiful journey, full of joy, gifts from nature, and wonderful surprises, but sometimes life can also be full of disappointment and challenges. I have always considered myself to be a loving and faithful person, taking care of my body and my soul. I have always exercised and believed in proper diet and nutrition, as well as carrying out my daily routines with full consciousness and optimism. Then, in a seemingly single moment, my life changed forever: I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I just could not believe that a young and healthy person could face

such a challenging and unforeseen situation without any kind of

early warning signs.

This is when I started making soaps – just over two and half years ago. I was given the gift of life for a second time and I decided to receive it with joy.

It renewed my mission of finding ways to take the best possible care of my body and soul. Shortly after completing the radiation treatments, and after having battled cancer, I became much more aware and sensitive about the products I consumed and what they could do to my body. My skin was extremely sensitive after treatment, and I wanted to create a product that was not only gentle on the skin, but also an effective disinfectant and cleanser. I became an extremely avid reader of wellness authors and anything related to improving my health and my body. 

Now that I am cancer free, I believe it is critical to understand that our bodies are not only consuming good and bad ingredients through our mouths as we drink and eat, but are also receiving positive and negative elements through our skin in the products we choose to apply in the form of make-ups, creams, cleansers and liquids.

Making soaps began as a hobby and a personal wellness mission. It started as an interest that I shared with my close friends and family. After seeing and experiencing firsthand how the soaps I was making were benefiting my skin, and receiving such positive feedback, I decided that I wanted to share my products with everyone. This is why, I use only the best natural and organic ingredients available. I only share a product that I would use on my own skin. This is a product originally crafted to heal and enhance my life, and I want to share it with you from the bottom of my heart!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.                       

                                                            Philippians 4:13