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In 2016, Elena’s Organic products started as a way of self care. As I started to gain knowledge about organic body care, I had the desire to share what I had learned with other people. As the years went on, the idea of this company became a dream and then a reality.

To all of you who believed in this brand, thank you for your support and for trusting us to be part of your wellness routine and self care.

We are officially announcing that we are rebranding. Even though our name and logo have changed, our commitment to you and to providing great body products remains the same.

Our plan is to continue to improve the quality of our products, while also creating new products to incorporate into your routine. We believe we can do this while still respecting and protecting the Earth. As our new products come online, you will be able to see our new, more sustainable packaging.

We welcome you to this new experience:
Philorganic Sustainable Care.

With love, Elena.